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This is why you never end up hiring good developers

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You are bad at giving technical interviews. Yes, you. You’re looking for the wrong skills, hiring the wrong people, and actively screwing yourself and your company. Without changing anything about your applicant pool, you can hire different people and your company will do better and you will enjoy your job more. I realize these are…

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The Dotted Line Required for Social Business Success - business2community

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The Role of Citizens (Friday Quote)

This week’s Friday quote is by Peter Block (though I’m reading the quote in Lindy and Maddie’s Open Community book, p. 118): Community is not built by specialized expertise, or great leadership, or improved services; it is built by great citizens. The quote is about community (both online and in person), but I am thinking […]

This Shift Matters More than Others

I am a huge fan of Clay Shirky, and he wrote this post about the death of newspapers over on Medium. Then today I see an HBR blog post about how publishing is NOT dead. I’m not sure the two articles are as contradictory as they sound, but there was one line in the second […]

Rant About the Stupid Stuff Being Said About Generations

It’s Friday, so I’m giving myself permission to get a little angry. I am hitting my limit of the amount of crap that I can stand to read about generations in the business literature, and particularly, of course, the millennial generation. If you are nodding in agreement, thinking “Yeah, all that generations stuff is bunk,” […]

Online Communities: Just Regular People Behind Those Pixels

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The keys to driving online communities are all about people, not technology. One association community manager shares her common-sense approach.

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Changes Coming to

It feels like only yesterday that I made the shift from my original blog to the current (check out the full screenshot of Get Me Jamie Notter from back in the day–remember TypePad?). In fact, it’s been more than a year since I removed the “get me” from the domain name. But now that Maddie and I […]

Discounts Are Not Valuable

I attended a good session at the ASAE conference about pricing. It was not a ton of new information, but it did provide a good reminder about the importance of value-based pricing. That is, consider what alternatives your customer has, and then compare the value they get from those alternatives with the value they get […]

It’s Not Always Win-Win

At the recent ASAE Annual Meeting, I had the pleasure of presenting with Sandra Giarde and Mark Alcorn on the subject of dealing with “turbo bullies” on your Board of Directors. Sandra is a CEO and Mark is legal counsel, and they both have had first-hand experience with volunteer leaders in associations who have been […]

Friday Quote: Challenges Working With Senior Managers

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the research we’ve been doing with the Millennial generation. We asked a group of millennials to describe their biggest challenges working with senior management in their organizations, and this quote is priceless: My biggest challenges have been trying to make them understand how knowledgeable and quick to learn […]