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People, not products

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The signs would seem to indicate that we are seeing the start of a transition between business models …

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Trust Will Be Broken

You may not want to hear about this, but it is an absolute fact that sometimes you will trust people, and they will let you down. It has to happen. If it didn’t happen, then trust would not really be an issue. As I heard someone say once, if you caught a fish every time, […]

Can You Imagine Going Back to the Old Way?

I was in Chicago this week doing a site visit at a company that we may end up including as a case study in our upcoming book. Like all the companies we are investigating, this one ended up on my radar screen because I heard about how strong their culture was. They even redesigned their […]

Supporting Innovation

Guest post, by Amanda Kaiser If you want a thriving organization you need to innovate. If you want to innovate you have to have a culture that supports it. In a recent discussion on ASAE’s online community Collaborate contributors talked about association innovation, and, interestingly, much of the conversation revolved around organizational culture. Innovation within an […]

Humanize Worksheets

I find it hard to believe that it was three years ago this month that Humanize was released. As a companion piece to the book, we created four different worksheets–one each for the four human elements covered in chapters six through nine (open, trustworthy, generative, and courageous). The worksheets have a quick quantitative assessment, plus questions […]

When Is Fear a Good Thing? (Friday Quote)

This week’s Friday quote comes from one of the participants in a session I did last week about organizational culture. It was an extended version of my “Organizational Culture in the 21st Century” keynote/workshop, and in this session I was able to talk about organizations that are embracing concepts that move away from traditional leadership (decentralization, transparency, […]

Are We Really Fooled by “Branding?”

I’ve always had a problem with branding. All this talk of a “brand promise” and a “relationship” the company has with me never resonated with me as a consumer, which is then all tied into advertisements–you know, those things that get in the way of me watching what I want to watch. The whole thing […]

If Reality Sucks, Then Change It

As I typed in the title of this blog post, I asked myself, “Why would I have the need to say that out loud?!” But I do. Because in organizations, many of us are miserable with the way things are, and instead of changing it, we simply conclude that this is just “reality.” Last week when […]

Inside the Company Culture of Meetup

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Erin Dertouzos, head of talent and culture, tells us about the rituals, perks, and office at Meetup.

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5 Ways to Be Happier at Work

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As CEO of Delivering Happiness, Lim’s goal is to provide resources and information on how to find more happiness and meaning in the workplace and beyond.

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