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How Long Does Culture Change Take?

I was at an event last week for association CEOs on finding and keeping top talent. The topic of culture was raised repeatedly (yay!), but in the middle of the panel discussion, a CEO of a large and successful association dropped this bomb (not a direct quote, but my paraphrase of what she said): It takes […]

Why our startup has no bosses, no office, and a four-day work week

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In 2008, my study partner Hernán Amiune and I had finished studying computer engineering at Catholic University of Córdoba Argentina. During our last years at university, we had done some internships in companies such as HP, IBM, and Intel. It was the moment we realized there was a mistake in their work methods. We couldn’t understand why…

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What Customers Prefer (Friday Quote)

Today’s Friday Quote is from an article in Harvard Business Review by Darrell Rigby on the need to fuse the digital and brick-and-mortar operations of retail. It’s a useful reminder that organizations–still–are putting themselves at the center of the universe, and that’s not going to continue to pay off. Here we are, a quarter century […]

Cracking the Culture Code: Industry Perspective and Staff Teams

This is a guest post from Eric Lanke, the CEO of the National Fluid Power Association. This is the fourth in a series of posts he’s writing about how he, as a CEO, is building and sustaining an intentional culture in his organization, a national trade association. His first three posts were on: The use […]

Digital is More than Technology

Digital is a mindset. We’ll be exploring that more in our upcoming book, but I was flipping through Altimeter’s 2014 “State of Digital Transformation” report, and in the companies they surveyed (88% of whom reported being in the middle of a digital transformation initiative), the most important challenge they faced was not limited resources, not […]

User Experience and Management

You wouldn’t think of designing a piece of software these days without considering the user experience. There is now a whole cadre of “user experience professionals” (with their own association, of course) who help to ensure that the end product is designed very specifically with the user’s experience in mind. In the “old days,” software was […]

If You Want Real Change, Then Start With…

If you want real change, then start with culture. Let me run some if/then suppositions by you: If you want to change your business model, then you need to change your culture. If you want to build an online community, then you need to change your culture. If you want to redesign your membership model, […]

The Future is Faster

Yesterday I talked about becoming flatter as an organization in order to increase learning and agility. Today’s lesson (also from Sloan Management Review) is about speed. The two are related, of course. One of the reasons we loathe bureaucracy is that it slows things down, so you’d think becoming more flat would help with that. […]

Motorola: Why Innovation and Complacency Don’t Mix

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Motorola—a company that invented the mobile phone—now finds itself at a crossroads. It’s a story with similar lessons to Blackberry’s, but diverging paths.

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The Future is Flatter

I’m always happy to see research that supports what we wrote about in Humanize. The lastest comes from an article in MIT’s Sloan Management Review about success Nestle had with a social media campaign. Two researchers in the UK concluded that a big part of the success could be attributed to the social media team’s […]