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If You Want Real Change, Then Start With…

If you want real change, then start with culture. Let me run some if/then suppositions by you: If you want to change your business model, then you need to change your culture. If you want to build an online community, then you need to change your culture. If you want to redesign your membership model, […]

The Future is Faster

Yesterday I talked about becoming flatter as an organization in order to increase learning and agility. Today’s lesson (also from Sloan Management Review) is about speed. The two are related, of course. One of the reasons we loathe bureaucracy is that it slows things down, so you’d think becoming more flat would help with that. […]

Motorola: Why Innovation and Complacency Don’t Mix

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Motorola—a company that invented the mobile phone—now finds itself at a crossroads. It’s a story with similar lessons to Blackberry’s, but diverging paths.

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The Future is Flatter

I’m always happy to see research that supports what we wrote about in Humanize. The lastest comes from an article in MIT’s Sloan Management Review about success Nestle had with a social media campaign. Two researchers in the UK concluded that a big part of the success could be attributed to the social media team’s […]

Eric Lanke: Don’t Post Plaques on the Wall Declaring the Values

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This is why you never end up hiring good developers

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You are bad at giving technical interviews. Yes, you. You’re looking for the wrong skills, hiring the wrong people, and actively screwing yourself and your company. Without changing anything about your applicant pool, you can hire different people and your company will do better and you will enjoy your job more. I realize these are…

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The Dotted Line Required for Social Business Success - business2community

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The Role of Citizens (Friday Quote)

This week’s Friday quote is by Peter Block (though I’m reading the quote in Lindy and Maddie’s Open Community book, p. 118): Community is not built by specialized expertise, or great leadership, or improved services; it is built by great citizens. The quote is about community (both online and in person), but I am thinking […]

This Shift Matters More than Others

I am a huge fan of Clay Shirky, and he wrote this post about the death of newspapers over on Medium. Then today I see an HBR blog post about how publishing is NOT dead. I’m not sure the two articles are as contradictory as they sound, but there was one line in the second […]

Rant About the Stupid Stuff Being Said About Generations

It’s Friday, so I’m giving myself permission to get a little angry. I am hitting my limit of the amount of crap that I can stand to read about generations in the business literature, and particularly, of course, the millennial generation. If you are nodding in agreement, thinking “Yeah, all that generations stuff is bunk,” […]